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 Open..To Arthur

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St Conan
St Conan

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PostSubject: Open..To Arthur   Open..To Arthur Icon_minitimeTue Feb 19, 2008 5:09 am

Arthur...after Finally getting the COCC site to reset my password...I am back in!!

I have not been neglecting my business there..the site would not let me log in. That is fixed now.

You have done an excellent job on the site...but I think it is still a little confusing. We need a little better layout on the voting. Something like this maybe:

1. Motion Proposal
2. Motions On The Floor
3. Second the Motion
4. Vote On The Motion
5. Motion Passed

The Motion should be numbered and as it moves to each section...deleted from the section it moved from. All comments other than Aye! or Nay!, should be removed to eliminate confusion.

The Motion Propasal is the only place where comments to the motion should be accepted.

I also agree with you that a new council is not needed. We are all still there..just need to work out the bugs so that things will flow more smoothly.

Roman Empire should be removed from the member list...
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Open..To Arthur
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