COALITION OF CHRISTIAN CRUSADERS is a forum/chat founded for invited players of the Holy War game.
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 Forum Reorganization

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Arthur Stirling

Arthur Stirling

Posts : 136
Join date : 2008-01-05

PostSubject: Forum Reorganization   Wed Feb 13, 2008 11:09 am

As should be obvious to all at this time, the Forums have undergone a major reorganization today.

I have taken it upon myself to reorganize the forums of the Coalition in the hopes that this will facilitate our functioning as a united Coaltion. The Forums have been divided into new categories, and new forums have been added. Furthermore, access to and posting rights on some forums have now been linked to membership in certain groups - I have added three new groups to the Forum, one for Grand Masters of Member Orders, one for Knights from Coalition Orders, and another for Honored Guests of the Coalition, who are not members of the Coalition at all.

The Forums are now structured as if they were parts of a castle. I found this organization worked well for roleplaying purposes when constructing my own Orders' forums, and hopefully they will be useful here.

The Main Gate is where we receive members and guests, and it is the first place visible to everyone at sign - in. This is where new members tell us where they fit in on these forums, and this area is accessible to everybody.

The Armoury is where members and guests inform each other of their battles in the Call To Arms forum - it is also where Coalition battles are scheduled and discussed in a new, members - only forum for this purpose.

The Great Hall is a new area of the forums where Coalition policy is made. It includes the Council Chambers, where I plan to host weekly meetings of the Council of Grand Masters, an Open Rostrum for discussion of Coalition matters, and a Scheduling forum for Coalition events. This is all members - only areas, as much that is discussed there is for Coalition members only.

The Guest Quarters are for all of our guests, such as Grand Masters of non - Coalition orders or the leaders of enemy Orders with something to say to the Coalition. It includes an open forum for general discussion and a forum enabling the full Council to meet with guests of the Coalition.

The Library includes the Order's charter, public documents, and public and private archives of all Coalition discussions. I plan on moving most old topics into the appropriate forums as the next order of business.

I am also considering including a Dining Hall area for forum games and spam, but only if we feel there is some purpose to such a place.

I hope to complete these renovations within the next few days. Thank you all in advance for your patience.

Sir Arthur of Stirling
Grand Master of the Order of Saint Andrew
Grand Commander of the Coalition of Christian Crusaders
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Arthur Stirling

Arthur Stirling

Posts : 136
Join date : 2008-01-05

PostSubject: Re: Forum Reorganization   Sat Feb 16, 2008 12:02 am

Update on the Forum Reorganization:

I have moved most of the topics in the forum into the appropriate Archive forum, most of them archived in the Private Archives, visible only to those members in the appropriate groups. A lot of these topics I am unsure will have any value in the future - dated material, mostly - and I will put up a discussion of what needs to be kept and how to archive it later. But the forums are mostly clear of the clutter of topics, and that should provide a nice clean slate to work from with a dedicated organization. Much of the forum maintenance has been done, now it is a matter of putting the new structure to work.
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Forum Reorganization
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