COALITION OF CHRISTIAN CRUSADERS is a forum/chat founded for invited players of the Holy War game.
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St Conan
St Conan

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PostSubject: Disclaimer.   Disclaimer. Icon_minitimeSun Jan 06, 2008 5:25 pm

The Coalition is not run by a dictator, but by a council of Christian Order Leaders with similar goals.

This Coalitions goal is not to attack fellow Chritians. Altough the attack on Rouge Christian Orders was put forth in the original has not been voted on and may not pass into our charter.

The Order Leaders who have joined...did so because of Christian Unity and to protect small Christian Orders in time of conflit.

The Coalition provides a strong powerbase against all enemies for the protection of the Holy Lands.

Every Chritian Order in the Holy War community should want to be unified under one banner fighting for one cause. The Coalition provides this unity as a group of leaders...not as a dictatorship.

Those Christian Orders which feel threatened by member Orders of the Coalition should approuch any Coalition Order Member with Clear, True, Intelligent information about the Order in question.

Those Christian Orders who feel that they need the support of an Order that does not provide true unity within the Christian Community...please reconsider and join us.

Those Christian Orders who would use petty arguements against the Coalition and it`s members for the purpose of deceit should read this disclaimer, be aware of the facts, and make an intelligent decision based on their true opinion and not the opinion of other parties. That is true Leadership.

The Coalition was originally proposed by St_Conan_of_Scotland of the [SKA] Shaidae Knichts o Alba.

The Coalition is not spear headed by the [SKA] Shaidae Knichts o Alba.

Lord Calvin of the [SKA] did host the website and spent his real money to do it...not gp`s.

*Note to the Order Leaders. Please feel free to give feed-back on this disclaimer.
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